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VATSAF is the Southern African Division within VATSIM. Our territory incorporates the following FIRs:

FAJO – Johannesburg Oceanic (South Africa)  
FAJA – Johannesburg (South Africa)  
FACA – Cape Town (South Africa)  
FYWH – Namibia  
FBGR - Botswana  
FQBE – Beira (Maputo)  
FVHF – Harare (Zimbabwe)  
FNAN - Luanda (Angola)  
FMMM – Antananarivo (Madagascar)  
FLFI – Lusaka (Zambia)  
FIMM - Mauritius  
FSSS - Seychelles  
HRYR – Kigali (Rwanda)  
HKNA – Nairobi (Kenya)  
HBBA – Bujumbura (Burundi)  
HUEC – Entebbe (Uganda)  
HTDC Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania)  

We provide training to all our member pilots and Air Traffic Controllers..

Latest Division News

Re-shuffle of ACCSAF Staff

A short while ago, ACCSAF took on the most of the VATSAF Divisional Staff in order to stabilise the vACC and this is proving to be a successful exercise.

To further the strengthen the vACC, Rean Opperman will take on the position of ACCSAF1, and Jeffrey Cole will take the responsibility of ATC Training Director, ACCSAF3.  This is a position that Jeffrey has filled over many years and feels extremely comfortable in.

I thank Jeffrey for taking on the ACCSAF1 position which was a challenging position to say the least.  Please join me in congratulating Rean on his promotion and wish him all the very best in his new endeavour.

Well Done Kenya

It's not often you see this sort of result on the Iron 'Mic....

Well done guys, a perfect trifecta!!!!

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