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Welcome to the VATSIM South African vACC! We are the facility organising virtual aviation in the Republic of South Africa (and by extension Lesotho & Eswatini). South Africa presents a unique and exciting landscape for virtual aviators, offering a variety of ports & airspace - with bustling international ports such as Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo, remote isolated fields like Upington, and our oceanic airspace which covers a large part of the South Atlantic & Indian Oceans and a quarter of Antarctica.


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Latest vACC News

Corne Coetzee joins ACCSAF Staff

Today we're happy to announce that Corné Coetzee has joined the ACCSAF staff team, and will fill the ACCSAF12 position (Deputy ATC Operations Director).

With the recent influx of training requirements but also the need to have ATC Operations not fall behind, we have decided to split the portfolio of the current Deputy Director to Deputy ATC Training Director and Deputy ATC Operations Director.

Corne will be the ATC Director's right-hand man handling all requests regarding ATC operations i.e. liaising with controllers and the Events department for their events, to make sure events are filled with controllers, general operations requirements and queries, etc.

Ryan James will handle training specific requests and new trainee requests.

Once again, welcome Corne.

Nelis Coetzee rejoins ACCSAF Staff

Nelis rejoins the ACCSAF staff team as ACCSAF10 - Deputy ATC Director. Together with Ryan James (ACCSAF3), they have years of experience in the VATSIM ATC field and - especially with our recent influx of ATC students - we have full confidence that they are taking the ATC division in the right direction. Best of luck!


Rean Opperman

Ryan James rejoins ACCSAF Staff

Ryan James rejoins ACCSAF Staff

Today we're happy to announce that Ryan James is returning to the ACCSAF Staff Team, and will fill the ACCSAF3 position (ATC Director). Ryan has many years of experience in his field and we wish him the best of luck with his work.

We are also saying a very fond farewell to Jeffrey Cole, who is vacating the ACCSAF3 position. He had performed an incredible task in fulfilling both the ACCSAF1 and ACCSAF3 roles for many months prior to the restructuring process. Jeffrey has made an indelible mark on the ACCSAF staff, the community and his students. We wish him all the best.

Rean Opperman
ACCSAF Director

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