The people who make the wheels turn


Divisional Staff

CID Name Position
1132702George CondesSouthern Africa Division Director
987151Volker JacobDivisional Operations Director


CID Name Position
1303289Matthew McEwenKenyan vACC Director
1294020evans oludheKenyan vACC Deputy Director
1287927Tom SandersonKenyan vACC Training Director
1296421GABRIEL SIMEOKenyan vACC Membership Director
1332805Honesty ErastoKenyan vACC Deputy Membership Director


CID Name Position
923715Rean OppermanACCSAF Director
1312742Nelis CoetzeeACCSAF ATC Director
1431868Warren SmithACCSAF Events & Marketing Director
1248906Ryan JamesACCSAF Deputy ATC Training Director
1155587Cornelus CoetzeeACCSAF Deputy ATC Operations Director

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